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Small Business Owner in Houston

Charles Alvarez is someone we are proud to recommend. Charles works tirelessly for his clients in providing exactly what their needs are and in a timely manner. 

We specifically used Charles to analyze combining two mid-cap companies into one larger entity. He not only provided the financial analysis, but gave us industry reports we were not privy to as well. Bottom line: Charles does his homework and has your best interest at heart. 

Trey Vick
DTK, Inc. 

Contracting Company in Katy

 Charles Alvarez!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The 2nd best man in my life!!!!!!!!!!!  Paul of course, even on a bad day, is #1!!!!!!!!!!!  We started working with Charles in November 2012, or had our initial "dance" with him.  We "danced" with him twice before we jumped off the deep end with the leap of faith to do what was best for our business.  What you and Roland may have better experience with is juggling the business, family, kids and other life tasks without letting the business control everything.  In the last three (3) months Charles has helped us with the following:
- Knowing who our top clients/customers are
- knowing who wastes or takes up most of our time without benefiting the company or making it money
- Implementing the DISC profiling into our company so we know how to work and motivate our employees as well as knowing who to hire and who not to hire for certain jobs
- Being a sound/third party to bounce ideas off of to keep us from making wrong decisions or going down a path that could create problems or lead to destruction
- providing Paul with statistics of CEO's and what they do or don't do with their time in order to motivate him to step out of his comfort zone
- helping us know how to handle certain employee problems that have come up during the last 3 months as we have experienced HUGE growing pains
- setting goals for the next 2 years, 5 years and 10 years and guiding us in the way that is needed to accomplish them
- keeping us realistic and accountable for the tasks that we say we are going to accomplish between meetings so we can make succeed in our company growth
- helping us realize who was our worst most time consuming client and guiding us, through our own answers, on how to fire them (as they were actually costing us money on every job despite being a multi million dollar corporation)
- giving Paul the tools and training (responses, answers, questions) to handle tough situations without making Paul feel uncomfortable since he is a go with the flow kind of guy and doesn't want to hurt people's feelings
- being part of the Obsta Plumbing Team...we have invested in him and he likewise in the success and growth of our business; since Charles has been on board a huge burden has been lifted and when a situation arises he is just a phone call and/or email away
I can go into more detail on any particular item if needed, or give examples, just let me know.  I have examples and history behind each of my statements above.  I highly, highly, highly recommend him to every business owner who want their company to grow and be the best it can be!  I am a results needed kind of girl and sometimes seeing results with a personality like Paul has can be a long road.  I have personally witnessed several results in the last three (3) months...and am now 110% on board.  I no longer want to kill Paul and that is always a bonus!!!  As long as we let Charles guide us and push us to the next level we will be unstoppable...after all, we will plumb through or get through any OBSTACLE!!!!!

Paul and Dorinda Obsta

Chamber Board Member and President of Her Own Promotional Products Business

Charles facilitated a Board Retreat for the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce. He knew what we wanted to accomplish and focused in with laser sharpness. He managed to get us all on the same page and we ended up with a fabulous mission for the Chamber. I don't think we could have done it without him. 

He's a person of high integrity and clear focus. If you want to grow your business...he's your man!

Mickey Blake
Promotional Products Executive

Plumbing Contractor in Katy

Charles Alvarez has had a tremendous impact on our business by generating strategic leads for our business, greatly improving our closing ratio, and growing our profitability.  If you want someone to grow your business fast, Charles is the one to do it.

Rick and Carol Cotton

Host of the "Price of Business Radio Show"

Charles has been my sales coach since January and since that very short period of time, my sales have increased by over 40 percent. My goal is by January of next year for them to double, so I should exceed his stated expectations to you. 
When I hired Charles virtually every aspect of my sales process was in shambles. I had no systems, I had little clarity of what to do next, I was incredibly frustrated. In no time he turned my company around and by the second month my new revenues far exceeded my costs of hiring him. It was a no-brainer. 
There is also no doubt that what he does has lasting value. If, for whatever reason, Charles could not continue to be my coach, my business would continue to flourish because of the systems he established. There is nothing "fadish" about this. He is providing sound strategic and tactical systems that will help me reach the financial levels I have always desired and expected for my firm. 

Hiring Charles is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. I hope you make the same one too. 
Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business Radio Show

Kevin Price
Host of the "Price of Business Radio Show"

Your Marketing System Really Works!!

The changes that were set in motion seem to be having an effect both on expenses and income. I'm getting better qualified leads, and keeping in better touch with everyone. Thanks for your help, and hopefully 2014 will be even stronger.

Mark Wright, CEO of the Tutoring Center of Houston

We Hit 9 Figures for The First Time Ever Using These Tools

"We hired Charles Alvarez and his team to come into our business and build our back office team so that we can facilitate our growth. For the first time ever, our company hit 9 figures and we are now making better business decisions thanks to Charles and his team."

Cale Kobza
ClearPave Inc., Cypress, Texas

Our Revenue Doubled This Year

"Prior to working with Charles and his team, I was overworked, frustrated, and exhausted from the demands of my business. By sitting in a room with Charles and my team, I was able to determine what was missing from my business to take it to the next level. With the systems we put it place, it has allowed me to increase my revenue and free up my time faster than I ever thought possible."

Jeffrey Abel
Abel Design Group, Houston, Texas

Our Business Increased 30% in Just 7 Months

"In business, I realized that I could not go at it alone. In order to get the business to where I wanted it to go, I knew I needed outside help and outside perspective on taking my business to the next level. We now have a detailed plan that is simple and easy to execute to get my business to the next level."

Mike Ratchford
AGBS Safeguard, Houston, Texas

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